Michael Schaffer

Michael Schaffer was interviewed in December 2019 by the Paris based fine art magazine, Art & Design. The excerpt below is from the February 2020 Art & Design Issue:

This American artist enchants our eyes and senses with his textured paintings where colours explode almost magically.

Although Michael Schaffer painted figurative paintings for many years, today the artist creates abstract pieces completely spontaneously. He obviously takes great pleasure in playing with assorted media (oils, inks, acrylics,…) and always feels a boundless, sheer enthusiasm before these miracles of creativity.

The painter enjoys himself as he transfigures reality, playing with his vision of the world to make us think, react, dream, wonder… [read more]

The artwork of Michael Schaffer will be on
exhibit at l’ Exposition Art Show Paris from
September 13th to September 15th, 2020.

au 74 Bd Richard-Lenoir 75011 Paris

“Artists from Paris and other great European art centers have been my greatest influences in creating mixed media art.  It is an absolute thrill to be recognized and exhibiting in Paris.”

Michael Schaffer

Mixed Media Artist

Artwork on Exhibit

“Stirred and Shaken”
Mixed Media 2020

“Prairie Dance”
Mixed Media 2019

Ships At Sunset

 “Ships At Sunset”
Acrylic Inks and Pebeo 2016



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Hayden Arts Agency