“Stirred and Shaken”
Man and his 21st Century World is deeply affected by the virus that climbs the evolutionary mountain.

Michael Schaffer being interviewed at Art Show Paris 2022 by Eloise Valli of Netflix Paris

“This American artist enchants our eyes and senses with his textured paintings where colours explode almost magically.”
~ Art & Design Magazine, Paris, Feb/Mar/Apr 2020

Welcome to SchafferArt.  My work strives to recognize the complexities of humankind as well as to explore the pleasures or our inner child.  To do this, I employ an organic use of paint, ink, metal, earth, tile, and other materials in an expressionistic style.  That style takes three forms: Interpretive, Figurative, and Abstract.  And while the forms may be different, each piece is infused with texture, color, shape, movement and, I hope, soul.  I invite you to enjoy the variety of my work.  Thanks for visiting.

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Abstract Art

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Abstract Expressionism

Interpretive Expressionism

Figurative Expressionism