As I continue to evolve my exploration of color composition and its relationship to the flow of acrylic ink and paint , a new abstract phase has evolved. Number 3 in the process that started back in 2008.

The first phase was the flow of acrylic ink and paint on canvas in an action style application style. This style used also a generous amount of water and rubbing alcohol . The paint developed it’s own flow and I maximized the color contrasts as all the elements mixed. I’ve written about phase 1 in previous blogs. This phase just ended recently ( the beginning of 2013 ). Most of the works from this phase are shown on this website.

The second phase was a brief ( only three months ) but very productive. I did a number of smaller canvases with a much more focused emphasis on the natural states of the acrylic inks. Some water and alcohol was applied, but a minimal amount. I basically worked in two steps. The first was a general application of the inks and an exploration in the mixing of colors. The second was developing some level of excitement and composition to the piece. This phase was a careful but quick style. Each application of ink needed to be carefully considered. Quite a change from phase one where the beginning of every piece was an exercise in artistic free-for-all. Again, most of the works from this phase are shown on the website.

My third phase (that I am presently doing ) is somewhat a combination of phases 1 and 2. As in Phase 2 , the emphasis is again on a much more controlled application of the acrylic inks but , as in phase 1 , I’m using much more of the alcohol and water. Also, large canvases are being used again. I’ve only completed two pieces to date in this phase 3, so it is still evolving. We will be taking photos of these phase 3 pieces soon and then , of course, posting them on the website.

Art is the most fulfilling when you allow yourself to evolve, modify, and simply create something really unique .