This past Spring, I was introduced to Pebeo from one of my workshop students. Pebeo is an oil based paint that comes in a one ounce bottle. It’s very fluid and a bit tricky to use properly. It also has different versions.

When you first start working with Pebeo, you need to experiment with each version’s properties to know what each can do.

I first started using Pebeo initially to add finishing touches to various works. It works beautifully to create unexpected surprises of form and color.  I next started using Pebeo in the first phase of a work whereby there is a light wash of water and acrylic ink on the canvas, and you add the Pebeo to the wet surfaces.  Then spray the canvas wet with water and start mixing versions of Pebeo immediately. Then I spray water directly on the on the poured Pebeo for a additional effect that give the work another twist and turn.

Here are some examples of my latest Pebeo oriented works:

"Sweet Dreams" Pebeo and Acrylic Inks

“Sweet Dreams”
Pebeo and Acrylic Inks

"Far Eastern" Pebeo, Acrylic Inks and Paints 2016

“Far Eastern”
Pebeo, Acrylic Inks and Paints 2016

Reel History Pebeo, Acrylic Ink and Paint, Resin

Reel History
Pebeo, Acrylic Ink and Paint, Resin

"Light of Light" Pebeo and Acrylic Inks

“Light of Light”
Pebeo and Acrylic Inks