“Prisoner of The Pandemic” Mixed Media 2020 30″ X 30″ $1,100

Humans, by their core nature, are loving beings who require closeness with other human beings to feel “connected”.  Being part of a group of people is fundamental to living a full life.  Whether that group is a family outing of 10 people or a sporting event of 50,000. Humans want to touch and speak freely to show the positive feelings they have for one another.  This is our “normal”.  Without this normal, life becomes hollow and much less satisfying. 

COVID-19 has created a major disruption in this normal.  We must isolate, social distance, wear masks, and other practices that steal our normal.  My new work, “Prisoner of The Pandemic”, is an abstract symbolic mixed media work that captures this sense of longing to become normal again.  We stare out our window worrying about our health and what will become of our normal.  Will we ever feel that spontaneous spark of life again that makes us normal ?  We worry.  But in our hearts of hearts, we know normal will return.  And the future will be bright again