Artist MICHAEL SCHAFFER OF CARMICHAEL, CALIFORNIA has received a Special Recognition Award for artwork in the “10th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle Juried Online International Art Exhibition” hosted by Upstream People Gallery. This international exhibition received approximately 225 art entries from around the world. Forty-three artists were selected by the juror Laurence Bradshaw, Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, U.S.A.

Professor Bradshaw states this about this specially recognized work:

“MICHAEL SCHAFFER of Carmichael, California works in acrylic paint and ink to develop works dealing with cosmic subject matter. His ‘Cosmic Splash’ shows some unusual organic formations within the spatial atmosphere.”

The exhibition will be featured online during December, 2012 at and continue indefinitely in the archives section of the website.

Further information about the artist and the specially recognized work:

Statement on “Cosmic Splash:

“The universe and the colors that we have discovered thru photos of deep space is truly inspiring . “Cosmic Splash” is an action painting in an abstract style that was inspired by the cosmos. Acrylic ink and paints swirl and move to create something totally unexpected.”

Additional information may be downloaded from the virus-free link below:

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