Come September 13th through September 15th, 2020, at Republique et la Bastille Gallery, Paris, France , I will be participating in Art Show Paris VII. It is quite an honor to be chosen to participate in this group show. My selection to participate came as a result of an article written about me and my body of work in the Paris based art magazine Art and Design. The full article can be seen at .

Art and Design contacted me in October of 2019 after seeing my work in the October issue of the New York based magazine Art In America. A journalist from Art and Design interviewed me in December of 2019 and the article was placed in the February 2020 edition of Art and Design. In early February, the publisher of Art and Design showed the organizers of Art Show Paris V the article. Shortly thereafter, I was signing up to be a participant in Art Show Paris VII.

Very exciting !

Please see the link for all the details and excitement.