The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 is an epic event. There are no borders or countries. There is just humanity. Stirred and Shaken” (completed in March of 2020) is a mixed media work that uses symbolism to express this monumental event.

On the left is Man. He is literally being split in two by the virus which threatens his very life.

The virus is also shaking the very foundations of the 21st Century civilization that Man has created. Man struggles to keep his balance so he can soon rebuild his world.

On the right is the Virus. It has climbed the mountain of evolution to become Man’s temporary equal.  How fast can Man kick the Virus back down the evolutionary mountain with a vaccine ?  No one knows in June of 2020 but no one who survives this crises will ever forget it.

Stirred and Shaken Mixed Media 2020 30″ X 40″ $1800